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Hello hands!... Halloween is coming and Hidden Hand have something special to announce. We proudly have a new deal with Satanic Ritual Glorification and a new full album is coming very soon.

Early next week we'll reveal the first details and maybe ... you can hear something, sooner than you expect!

Hello Hands! Magia Negra, Mezcal Negro, SATANIC RITUAL GLORIFICATION!!!

We are near to the end, few copies left!!! Hurry and get your tape! Anybody who purchases SRG / Ep1 (Only in the Official Hidden Hand Bandcamp and Online Shop) will be automatically entered to win a test tape of this release. This is a rare opportunity to own something very exclusive that will not be available anywhere else, so don't miss out!

Bundles have double opportunity to win, If you're not a Hand yet, go now to get your copy and automatically you will have an entry to the contest.

Best Regards

The Hand!

Hello Hands!

We still have copies! Today is the day! Don´t miss the opportunity to get it!

Extremely Limited Uncensored and Hand Numbered Edition Tape

Buy it now:

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