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Hello Hands! we are celebrating the first Hidden Hand Anniversary. The Hand is completely grateful to all of you who have allowed the label to be consolidated, Hidden Hand has established itself as one of the main labels of the genre and we owe that to your trust and support , it has not been easy, each delivery has been handled personally, we are committed to bringing to your hands a unique product, an absolutely desirable object, so quality has been a priority and will never cease to be, as long as the seal remains on.

The hand wants to thank the entire Hidden Hand roster: Edelweiss, The Gates, Satanic Ritual Glorification, Billy Odal, Cold Sanctum, Source of Love, Skyscraper and all the people behind them, The Hand thanks especially to Andross, for his trust, his help and his friendship that has been a very valuable element for the label from the beginning.

In the next days we will have an important announcement, a special anniversary sale is coming up. There will be new stuff for sale, some leftovers and special Hidden Hand merch.

We will also be announcing new bands on our roster and upcoming releases, the second year is going to be awesome!

Thank you very much!

The Hand.

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